All Types of Metal Roof Installation

At J. Jimenez Roofing Repair LLC, we specialize in providing comprehensive metal roof installation services for both residential and commercial properties.

For flawless installation of all varieties of metal roofs, rely on the expertise of J. Jimenez Roofing Repair LLC. Our committed team specializes in delivering premium solutions for both residential and commercial roofing ventures. Irrespective of the metal type or style, we guarantee meticulous installation that emphasizes durability, practicality, and visual appeal.

Our extensive service encompasses:

  • Professional installation of diverse metal roofing types, spanning standing seam, corrugated, shingle, tile, and ribbed varieties.
  • Tailored solutions designed to match your precise preferences and needs.
  • Expert advice to assist you in selecting the ideal metal roofing for your property.
  • Smooth integration with existing roofing structures or complete replacements when necessary.
  • Thorough attention to detail to ensure precise alignment, secure fixing, and enduring performance.

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We Value The Following Three Values


We always seek to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide the highest quality roofing services. We strive to use the best materials, techniques and technologies to ensure that your roof is in excellent condition.


We believe in the importance of being honest and transparent in all our interactions with our customers. We make sure we offer fair and competitive prices and always communicate clearly and directly.


We operate our business with the highest ethical and moral standards. We are committed to being accountable and honoring our commitments, as well as treating all of our customers and employees with respect and dignity.